“Imagine creating a life of abundant wealth, freedom and happiness without pain, frustration or struggle!”

Dear Fellow Seeker,

Does this sound familiar?

  • You feel empty or dissatisfied inside. Even thoughyou are healthy, moderately successful, have a loving partner, and a well-paying job, you still feel like you’re missing something.
  • You feel stuck, blocked, frustrated and confused.Perhaps you know what it is you want and need to do, but you can’t seem to overcome your lack of will-power to get it done. No matter what you do,you somehow just can’t seem to muster the motivation to actually get things moving.
  • You don’t get a restful sleep at night. Your mind is unclear and often foggy and the more you try to clear and calm your mind, the worse it gets.
  • You feel like life is passing you by. Somewhere along the line you lost your energy and zest for life. You crave red, hot passion in your relationship and are secretly envious of anywhere.
  • You tried traditional counseling with little to no success. Not knowing who or where to turn, you tried traditional counseling but somehow they didn’t seem to ‘get’ you.Since then, you have endlessly been searching for answers. You’re always looking for a ‘better’ way.
  • You feel it’s your time to shine. You know that greatness is inside of you but you just don’t know how to access it and express it to the world.
  • You don’t nurture yourself enough. You take good care of everyone else but now you’re getting tired and overwhelmed from constantly giving, giving, and more giving. Perhaps you’re better at giving than receiving and need to learn how to receive graciously.

If that sounds like you, then you are in the right place!

My name is Nicholas de Castella, and I’m known as the Master of Breakthroughs. Why? Because getting people unstuck and laser-focused on reaching their true potential is what I do best!

In fact, for the last 25 years, I’ve helped tens of thousands of people tap into their emotional intelligence so that they can have more passion in their relationships and more fulfilment in their lives. And they’re not alone. Owning a 6-figure business and living on 7 beautiful acres of rainforest in the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne with my beautiful wife, Susan, and our two wonderful boys (Charles and Alexander) wasn’t always my reality…

My personal growth journey started 26 years ago while I was working as an Architect on scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, Australia. For four years, I trained twice a day, seven days a week, running up to 220 km per week. I represented Australia four times in World Athletic Championships.I was even the 10th fastest Australian ever over the marathon with a 2hr 15minute performance.

Even though I had many of the hallmarks of success I was not happy or fulfilled inside. I started to struggle in training, was having difficulties relating to my wife and began suffering from chronic fatigue.

Then, in 1985 I was involved in a tragic car accident where my best friend’s wife was killed. I lost 5 teeth and had 135 stitches in my head.

I was suffering from Chronic Fatigue, anxiety and maybe even depression.

I was desperately seeking answers until one day I discovered something that radically transformed my life…

Suddenly, I understood why things were so hard and why I was so unhappy. It was like I had been playing a game of Basketball, not understanding the rules and keep on being fouled off the court.

What I discovered is that the key to happiness is looking inside, not outside.

That simple yet profound truth has propelled me for over 20 years now.

Since I started turning my attention inside, my success, levels of achievement, energy, and happiness skyrocketed.

I was AWAKE!

I have dedicated my life to helping people discover new levels of aliveness, health, work fulfilment, connection in relationships, manage stress and have a deeper sense of purpose in the world and find peace and happiness within.

Now, I couldn’t be more excited for this amazing opportunity to share the knowledge and skills I have developed with people all around the world at a price that anyone who is truly ready for change can afford.

2014 Dates: Passionately Alive Seminar. (All held in Melbourne, Victoria)

July- FULLY BOOKED – contact us to go on a waiting list.

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November 27–30


Through my journey, I have discovered a little known secret:

Connecting with and Mastering our feelings is the key to finding happiness and contentment.

After working closely with tens of thousands of people to help them explore the roots of their problems and discover how to best resolve them, I have a firm conviction that the deepest problem is our loss of capacity to FEEL and understand and manage our emotions in healthy ways.

Here’s the problem: We have grown up in a culture that tells us not to feel. Society tell us that feeling is ‘weak’ and shameful. That being sensitive is a bad thing. They tell us to cheer up if we are feeling down, to calm down if we are feeling angry and to hold it together if we are feeling scared.

Our unresolved Emotional Baggage reeks havoc in our lives!

Why? Emotions are energy. They move us in our lives. They create the passion and color and give us essential guidance in making decisions that are right for us.

When we repress our true feelings we detach from our core connection. We become disconnected, lose direction and energy and have difficulty concentrating and connecting with others. Over a lifetime of disconnecting we lose touch with the vast well of peace, happiness, love and fulfillment that is our true nature.

Unfelt emotions do not disappear – the energy is real! That’s why…

What you don’t feel runs your life without you even knowing it…

In fact, repressed emotions drive us and cause:

  • Restlessness Frustration Anxiety Stress Tiredness
  • A host of illnesses Addictions Excessive negative thinking
  • Sleeplessness Being ‘driven’ in life Dissatisfaction
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Self-sabotage
  • Poor concentration
  • Self-criticism
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Low self-confidence

That’s right, it is our unresolved emotions that give rise to feelings or frustration, anxiety, stress and hopelessness.

These Unresolved Emotions Are What I Call Rogue Emotions

And these Rogue Emotions are a major cause of unhappiness and failure in life that cause:

  • Negative thinking which then creates more negativity
  • Mental anguish in the form of a constant steam of annoying thoughts
  • Illness and physical pain in your body
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Short temperedness, irritability, and moodiness
  • Disharmony in your relationship, fights and even breakdowns
  • Unlimited addictions
  • Feeling tired
  • Pessimism and thinking and feeling negatively about life
  • Self-sabotage

The Good news is you can quickly and easily:

  • Make a profound shift in your level of inner peace
  • Experience more happiness
  • Experience a deeper connection to the core or essence of your being which is, by nature peaceful, happy, loving and contented.
  • Live more balance in our head and heart which is what we call – Heart-Centered Living

And the key is:

You need to resolve your emotional baggage that you have been carrying around for years.

But there’s a catch. It’s easier said than done.

You see, it’s not your fault that you have not yet learned how to master your emotions so that you can achieve optimal health, success, wealth, and freedom. Nobody has ever put the entire system together in a way that is both easy to understand and actionable…until now. Typically, maybe you’ll get bits and pieces of information here and there but you will be missing some key points.

For instance:

  • Will you learn how to gain clarity on where you are now and where you actually want to be?
  • Will you learn how to really release the emotional baggage that’s holding you back?
  • Will you learn how to access your heart intelligence for guidance?
  • Will you learn how to live authentically?
  • Will you learn how to feel strong enough to stand up and express your purpose in life?
  • Will you learn how to set inspired goals from your heart based on what you love?
  • Will you learn how to find the courage to take action?

It’s VITAL you get all the pieces of the puzzle, because if you don’t, chances are you’re not going to muster up the courage to finally live your purpose and feel confident doing it.

Luckily for you, the ENTIRE, proven system outlining the Keys to Mastering your emotions are taught at…

The Passionately Alive Seminar

FINALLY Reach Your True Potential Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

In just 3 and a half days, you can release amazing amounts of negative emotions and learn simple yet life changing skills and practices that will bring more joy and ease and success into everything that you do.

I know this because I have been practicing and teaching this material for over 20 years!

Just listen to what these people have to say:

What is Passionately Alive about?

At Passionately Alive you can improve your ‘Emotional Intelligence skills’ so you can enrich your life and deal effectively with life’s challenges.

25 years of research and development has led to the creation of this powerful Emotional Intelligence program of practical skills for living life to the fullest.

It has helped thousands of people around the world to:

  • clear emotional blockages
  • banish stress and anxiety
  • be their own best friend
  • find inner peace
  • achieve radiant health
  • heal relationship conflict
  • let go of losses
  • connect to loved ones
  • release struggle
  • live with more ease so that it’s possible to achieve goals faster than ever
  • share personal gifts with the world to make it a better place
Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll discover when you dig into this 5-step system to unlock your heart’s secret code:

Session 1:

GET THE MAP: Gain Clarity

In this first evening session, we focus on getting crystal clear about where you are now and where you want to go. This is the foundation of your transformation. Once you become crystal clear about what you want, things will start to fall into place.

We map out the journey from head to heart, the difference between living from your head and living from your heart, and we practice Heart-Centering meditation and develop emotional literacy.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the blocks that stand in your way of getting what you want.
  • Release the shame blocks that have kept you stuck in isolation and feeling bad about yourselfso you can be more at ease with who you are.
  • Distinguish between thinking and feeling.
  • Instantly turn off overwhelming run away thinking and take 90% of the charge off any negative thought so you can remain relaxed and at ease.
  • Use your emotions so you can be less reactive and more responsive to challenges
  • Live an inspired life with kindness, compassion, gratitude and generosity.
  • Make friends with your emotions and understand their good purpose and how they can support you in your life.
  • Read your body signs for clues about what your subconscious is trying to tell you so that you can make better decision.
  • Put into words what you’re feeling so you can communicate more clearly and effectively.
  • Access your heart intelligence for peak performance, physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Flow your emotions through your body for healing and aliveness

“Thank you for changing my life.”

“Passionately Alive is a phenomenally transformational weekend and has completely changed my life. I had no idea that some events from my past were having such a negative effect on me now. It has been a great blessing to have these burdens lifted off.I have been able to heal long-standing and deep seated traumas from my past and can move on now without these feelings impacting on me.A huge, huge thankyou!” – Bronwyn Walker

“I feel so loving, peaceful and open-hearted”

“I came into Passionately Alive knowing something was blocking me from having what I want in my life. Over the 3 ½ days I discovered issues I thought I had dealt with and uncovered fears I never knew existed. Working through these issues was a gentle nurturing process and I feel so loving, peaceful and open – hearted as a result.I go back home feeling soft, feminine, strong and more loving than I’ve felt before. I look forward to creating the beautiful life I desire.I feel that I can allow the universe to support me, surrender and trust life to bring me exactly what I need. I no longer feel fearful about every aspect of my life and I feel open to receiving the gifts of the universe.Thank you Nicholas so, so much for your caring, support and encouragement to open my heart.” – Sue Shepherd

Session 2:

UNLOCK THE CHAINS: Clear Your Emotional Baggage

Day 1 focuses on clearing the motional blockages, opening your heart and getting your creative juices flowing. Release rogue emotions, restlessness, anxiety and heal the past so you can come alive, laugh more, be more assertive, move forward, open to loving relationships and achieve what you want with joy and ease.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Minimise emotional turmoil
  • Let go of pushing and open to grace
  • Use a simple breathing practice to facilitate the clearing of issues from the past
  • Find the good in everything, even things we think are wrong or bad
  • Be kind and gentle with yourself and bring out the best in yourself
  • Release the fear of making mistakes so you can take the risks and move forward in life
  • Have success and build upon it
  • Turn rogue emotions that cause frustration, negative thinking, restlessness, anxiety, frustration and stagnation into inspiration for life.
  • Release the past, come alive, free the energy used to hold your emotions in check and find peace
  • Activate your body’s healing ability
  • Heal hurts, loss, betrayal, rejection wounds that keep us at a distance from love, be less reactive more
  • empathetic and compassionate.
  • Take back control of your life, master ‘overdrive’ causing: busyness, over eating, drinking, anger
  • Release self-sabotage and procrastination to get into the flow of life and achieve with ease
  • Use a mind expanding way to easily dissolve pain
  • Turn anger into creative energy for change and self-assertion
  • Gain the confidence to stand up, come forward and express yourself
  • Share what you are feeling to induce people to want to hear more from you
  • Ask for what you want in a way that motivates people to want to give it to you
  • Come alive, reconnect and get into the flow of life so you can live more boldly and fully

“I have regained my self-love”

“Passionately Alive is essential if you feel there are areas of your life you would like to improve.I have regained my self-love and have learnt to honour it for ever.I am truly grateful for the experience it was life changing. – Keith Lamphlugh

“Transformative Experience”

“Transformative experience that everyone will benefit from doing! Understanding of where my anxiety stems from and how I can help ease my anxiety and stop my sweating and anxiousness.” – Emily Wood

Session 3:

FIND THE TREASURE WITHIN: Connect To Your Open Heart

On day 2, you will learn skills to connect to the true source of contentment. Live from peace, happiness and love. Feel whole in yourself, be more compassionate, enjoy the richness of each moment and gain access to inner guidance to find and live your purpose in life. Access yourheart intelligence for problem solving, guidance, optimism, resilience and inspiration.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find the antidote to the feeling there is something missing (hollow, empty, dissatisfied)
  • Reconnect in your heart to the flow of peace, happiness and love at your core
  • Deepen your capacity for relationship: feel love more vibrantly and connect to others
  • Be more upbeat, optimistic and resilient so the world looks like a more beautiful place.
  • Use the 5 simple steps to dissolve anxiety, frustration and stress and then cultivate gratitude.
  • Bring your body into harmony to boost your immune system, normalise blood pressure, decrease Cortisol (stress hormone) and increase DHEA (anti aging hormone), get less tired, have more energy, less dis-ease faster, be more youthful (and as the latest chromosome research on Telomeres suggests – you can even live longer!).
  • Improve your intuition for guidance in your business and personal life so it is easier to make wise decisions and have better timing.

  • Perform at your peak. Research demonstrates that when connected in their heart, school children learn and remember things better; sales people make more sales, and sports people perform at their peak.
  • Savour the moment because life rushes by. It is important to learn how to slow down and smell the roses. You will learn powerful exercises to experience the richness of each moment so that colours are more vivid, food tastes richer.
  • Be more present with yourself and others,
  • Be more focused in whatever you do, make fewer mistakes, remember things better and get things done in less time with less pushing and more flow.
  • Shift from Fear to Freedom. Mastering fear is one of the most liberating things you can do. Fear is the underlying emotion under anxiety, procrastination, aggression and much anger. Avoiding fearful situations is the major reason why we lose touch with our self, get stuck and don’t end up living the life we are meant to live.

“Give Passionately Alive as a gift to yourself”

“Give Passionately Alive as a gift to yourself, a joy of re discovery of your real vulnerable self.I now have the ability to be here now and surrender.I learnt heart centring and breathwork.I now trust myself. I have developed more heart open qualities, wealth, generosity, gratitude, receiving and acceptance.Everything has a divine right timing. This is the perfect moment, now!.” – Jennifer Fielding

“I was able to resolve negative childhood beliefs”

“The benefits Passionately Alive gave me was, I was able to resolve negative childhood belief and replaced it with positive affirmations. I feel more alive, energised.I arrived with chronic neck pain and left with none!!!When (if) my fibromyalgia flares I will sit with the pain and breath! – Jenny Cowdell

Session 4:


The final day focuses on living congruently from your heart. Have the confidence from knowing who you are and being whole in yourself to live your truth. Be authentic so you can feel good about who you are, be bold and confident, sleep easy at night, build ‘real’ friendships, feel strong enough to stand up and express your purpose in life.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find the courage to do the scary things you know in your heart are right and gain wisdom and power like Nelson Mandala and Mahatma Ghandi.
  • Make your life work: get to feel good about who you are; ‘solid’, strong and confident to achieve your goals directly.
  • Get good things to happen more often and things to flow smoothly.
  • Embed a permanent link to your basic goodness and wholeness so you can be true to your heart and do what you love, without needing other peoples acceptance and approval.
  • Create deep heart connections, bring out the best in yourself and others and cultivate a sense of gratitude for being alive.
  • Achieve the success you desire without selling out for money, security, compromising your health, relationships or happiness
  • Use compassion, generosity and gratitude to boost your level of success
  • Develop true discipline to stay on track and achieve without pushing yourself
  • Develop resilience so you can handle setbacks and failures and stay enthusiastic
  • Build a success system so that before you know it you have the life you long for
  • Set up your lifestyle so you feel deeply blessed and supported by life

“Much greater sense of joy in what I do”

“Before Passionately Alive I wanted to find direction in my work and self-worth. I have found a lot more variety and much stronger sense of self. My self-love and sense of myself as a good/great/fantastic person has at the same time given life a whole new sheen.Feeling much more at peace, much stronger sense of trusting in myself and life in general. Much greater sense of joy in what I do.I love feeling this way. I am so grateful. Thank you so much to you both Nicholas and Susan!!!” – Rowena Witham

“Definitely something you have to do for yourself”

“Being allowed to speak up without fear of rejection. Definitely something you have to do for yourself. Learning to speak up and ask for what I want. I can go out and do things by myself and feel good about it. Awesome weekend Great and different dynamics every time I attend PA. Great sharing every time.” – Jodie Wirth

Session 5:


Finally, we bring everything you have learned together to implement them into your daily life:

  • Set inspired goals from your heart based on what you love.
  • Feel strong and confident and achieve your goals directly.
  • Use compassion, generosity and gratitude for success.
  • Commit to live boldly, love fully and make a difference.
  • Find the courage to take action, take risks and go on new adventures, invest and engage fully in your life.
  • Live the life you are meant to live, making the world a better place.

The skills we teach will enable you to: increase your energy, deepen relationships, manage stress and anxiety, feel more centred, peaceful and happy, gain a clear sense of direction and to take control of your life.

“One of the most beneficial programs that I’ve participated in”

“Passionately Alive is one of the most beneficial programs that I’ve participated in. It gave me an amazing insight to what has been blocking me. In many areas of my life.It took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to delve into areas that I have blocked out which has stopped me moving forwards. Being able to be shown the skills to understand and master my emotions has been one of the most valuable journey in my life. I highly recommend it to anyone who is having issues or needs to deal with areas in their lives that they want to improve whether it is personal, relationship related, business related or parental based..” – Fred Ferrante

“Thank you for changing my life.”

“Passionately Alive has cleared my mind, and I now experienced peaceful states. I connected with myself. I was able to let go of the past, and forgive others, which lead to peace. I discover reoccurring patterns that have held me back by sitting with myself and breathe, and felt the presence, a peaceful state. Most important for me, I reconnected with my husband Jarrod! I have learnt to give less to my thoughts and focus on my feelings. I will stop being a ‘people pleaser’ and speak my truth. Allow myself to let go of control, so Jarrod can trust in himself and becomeempowered. I will now trust in the universe, and know things are there for the experience to feel and heal. Thank you for changing my life.” – Sarah Moloney

But That’s Just The Beginning. At Passionately Alive, you will also learn:

  • How to identify and dissolve vicious, limiting thoughts and feelings
  • How to use simple breathing exercises to understand our emotions
  • How to help develop inner peace, conquer fear, master anger, heal sadness and increase joy
  • How to release the old, unsettled, emotional baggage from the past that restricts us today
As you release and dissolve negative feelings and emotional baggage,
  • You feel energy, joy and enthusiasm for life
  • You sense inner peace and confidence to freely express yourself in a loving and caring way
  • You gain freedom from the self-sabotage and procrastination that has blocked you from achieving the things you want
  • You experience a sense of clarity and meaning in life
  • You recognise how to freely express your feelings in healthy and productive ways
  • You attract and or deepen meaningful, fulfilling relationships
A little background…

There is mounting evidence to suggest that our feelings play a major role in our level of success, harmonious relationships, health and happiness. When the heart and mind function in synchronization we feel at peace, perform at our peak, relate to others in a meaningful way and experience better health and well being.

Passionately Alive has been running for 10 years now. Passionately Alive helps people to put the past to rest and move forward. It gives them a greater self understanding and hence greater self assurance, creativity and positive outlook on life.

It teaches skills for improving self image, relationships, health and enthusiasm for life. These skills are not taught in school and we suffer unnecessarily because we do not know how to cope with life. The skills are simple and easily learnt and will show you another dimension to your life.


We have a clear 5-step proven system guaranteed to help you clear the road blocks to your success and happiness…

Over the past 20 years that I have been teaching this information, thousands of people have benefited from developing their Emotional Intelligence skills.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Hear from past Passionately Alive attendees below:


So now you’re probably wondering, “What’s this going to cost me?”

By now you realize that with Passionately Alive, you learn and transform more in 3 ½ days than what takes most people 10+ years to achieve.

The real question is this: How much is it worth to you to finally live a more passionate and fulfilling life? To finally recognize your true potential and achieve it with guns blazing?

The CLOCK IS TICKING and it’s not too late to create the transformation you need to reach new heights of passion and fulfillment in your relationship, career and your relationship with yourself…

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this letter right now it’s because you know deep down you’re currently not where you know you could be.

The good news is that it’s never too late to take a quantum leap to the next level – but your ability to do so requires that you turn a flashlight to your soul to inspect yourself for will, courage and commitment.

With that being said, I ask you:

Are YOU ready to break free from the chains holding you back…and

move straight forward into a life of more happiness and success



This Life Enriching experience runs from Thursday evening till Sunday Afternoon.

The program is fully residential and food and accommodation are provided.

PASSIONATELY ALIVE BOOKING(Includes Meals and Accommodation for 3 1/2 days) $2,970 7 days
Super Early Bird Discount Special(28 day) $2,470 28 days
Yes please, I’d like to attend…
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There is an Airport Bus that will take you from Melbourne Airport right to our front door (leaves airport at about 3.15 pm- ring to confirm times )
Bus returns on Monday (no bus on Sunday night- can stay Sunday night).

To Book a seat phone Airport Bus EASTSIDE 03 9729 7622

So are you ready to get started? Reserve your space TODAY.


Nicholas De Castella

P.S. You are about to make one of the following decisions…

You will choose to discount this message and continue to reinforce the same habits and mindset that are keeping you stuck.

OR, you will make the decision to participate in this life-changing program and learn how to control your inner game so you can master your outer game!

“Opens your heart to a new way of life”

“It opens your heart to a new way of life. I experienced my past I never thought it was an issue. I have learnt we can all learn from our past and that our past isn’t our future. I understand why I was feeling like I was my relationship with my wife, Katie, will grow. I will listen to my heart.” – Richard Alexander

“Truly life changing”

“Passionately Alive is truly life changing. The practices I learnt are incredible and priceless for living an amazing fulfilled life. I will look in my heart and feel life in a totally new way now. I will welcome positive people into my life. I will take time to accept myself and love myself.Thank you for the amazing experience and the incredible people I have connected with.” – Karl Young

“Set me free from my past emotional pain”

At Passionately alive I reclaimed the parts of me that I had given away in the past. The heart centring practices and experiences set me free from my past emotional pain. I now own my power to step out and be the voice for change.” – Lorraine Matthews

Ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions?

Q. WHO is this training best for?

A. This program works especially well for those already on the growth journey: everyday people who want to find inner peace and happiness, mums and dads wanting to raise confident happy kids, men and women wanting to enjoy rich and fulfilling loving relationships, business and sports people wanting to perform at their peak, people who are looking for freedom from anxiety, depression, and struggle and those who want to get the skills to master life’s challenges and live rich and fulfilling life.

If you’re ready to create a BREAKTHROUGH in your life then this training is for you.

Q. I’m so tired of false promises. Will this really work?

A. No false promises here. In fact, the only promise I can make you is that if you don’t start to take charge of your life by learning to master your emotions, you will likely live at a level far less than you deserve.

Q. It’s not the right time for me right now. Can I just invest in this training later?

A. You could, but if you wait to purchase this training you will pay hundreds of dollars more. But more importantly, you will cheat yourself out of making big strides in your life now to get you to the next level. Now is the time to take charge of your life. The investment you make today pay dividends later.

About Nicholas De Castella

nicholasNicholas de Castella is a world authority Heart based Emotional Intelligence and creator of Heart EQ which brings joy, health, love and fulfilment through emotional healing and empowerment. He is the founder of the Core Clearing Process and Passionately Alive Seminars. His work is part of a global renaissance: re-establishing the three crucial relationships, connecting head to heart, heart to heart and heart to environment for harmony and balance.

Nicholas de Castella, Director of the Institute of Heart Intelligence, has over 20 years’ experience in Emotional Intelligence Education and Breathwork Trainings. He has conducted workshops across Australia and around the world in New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and England. He is the author of ‘Keys To Emotional Mastery’, and has another book in the pipework outlining his seminal work on Heart Centred Living.

He conducts Passionately Alive Retreats and Breathwork Practitioner Trainings in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, Australia.

Greg Hastings and Bernadette HollandWith Nicholas’ help, we now talk more freely and openly across lots of personal topics and personal issues.He has helped us resolve prickly and difficult issues – and he has done it through the phone!Our relationship is a much more loving and flowing through the help and guidance that Nicholas has given us.

Greg Hastings and Bernadette Holland

judy rosonLife is becoming more and more wonderfulI am also so grateful for what you have taught me about opening my heart and knowing that I can do this when ever and where ever I am.I am doing this more and more and it is so liberating and wonderful.I know now that it was the key to my heart and yep, I am blown away. I know that this is the beginning and as I practice opening my heart, life is becoming more and more wonderful than I could ever imagine, it is so simple and powerful.

With love,
Judy Rosson

Ron PenroseHow do you value the health benefits for someone who has had a bad back for forty years and loses it after one weekend or someone who has had heart problems including pain down their left arm, who realizes that they have been punishing themselves. They make a change in their relationship and no more heart problem. The 60 year old who wakes up to the truth that their life has been ruled by a decision they made when they were 6.Life means change and we can have a say in that change or be over-run by it. With the Emotional Intelligence skills I have learnt from Nicholas I can now choose to welcome it and guide it like it were a very large sailing ship. I know there will be storms and doldrums but I also know where the Tradewinds and from my experience, I can trust that my craft is sound and stable.

Ron Penrose, Thriving Artist (ex Farmer)

andrewMedical Doctors agree…I have worked with Nicholas de Castella for over 10 years.Over 200 of my patients during this time have attended his Emotional Intelligence trainings. Patients have reported more energy; lessening of physical pain; increased understanding of their life situation; a range of skills that can be used in all sorts of situations to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression; improved mood; improved coping skills with life stressors; more passion in their lives, and hence, improved relationships; finding a network of genuine friends from whom they feel support.Some of my patients attending trainings have been particularly ill, either physically or mentally, and these patients, too, have been able to make great gains during a short time.I conclude by thoroughly recommending the range of trainings facilitated by Nicholas de Castella. These are high quality programs with the potential for changing people’s lives forever.

Yours Sincerely, Dr Andrew Horwood GP

I’d like to hear more…


Refund Policy & Cancellation Options

To cancel a booking the Attendee must notify Institute of Heart Intelligence Pty Ltd in writing seven (7) business days prior to the Seminar commencement date. The booking payment amount received by Institute of Heart Intelligence Pty Ltd will be returned to the Attendee within (14) business days from the seminar completion date, less AU$100.00 administration fee known as the Non Refundable Deposit.

If notification of cancellation has been received by Institute of Heart Intelligence Pty Ltd from the Attendee prior to seven (7) business days from the Course/Seminar commencement date, the Attendee can request a booking to be rescheduled without penalty or loss of the deposit at no cost, for the same Seminar or a Seminar being held at a later date. The decision to accept a new booking is at the sole discretion of Institute of Heart Intelligence Pty Ltd and is dependent upon but not restricted to the availability of a place on the Seminar for the Attendee. This option is only available for booking placed within six (6) months from the initial Seminar commencement date. The booking payments already received will be transferred to the new Seminar booking.

Institute of Heart Intelligence Pty Ltd will ensure to the best of its ability that all Seminars are of the highest quality and standard. However if Institute of Heart Intelligence Pty Ltd cancels a Seminar for whatever reason, the Attendee will be refunded in full.


Privacy Policy

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