“Learning to breathe properly has made me feel less stressed out. The process was very stimulating and it has given me great confidence in myself.”

Bill Lack, West Preston.


“I am now in charge of my life, I have taken my power back, I feel stronger and understand more clearly my relationship with others.”

Ray Hasegawa Clifton Hill.


“I am able to take my own power and tell people how I feel and be able to say no when I feel it is necessary. I feel a lot clearer in my thinking and where I am heading. Thank you Nick for the support you gave me, you were there when I needed to cry, laugh and be angry. You knew when to be strong and when to be gentle and I honour you for that.

Sue Lawrence Mt. Eliza.


“Nicholas helped me experience a depth of love and wisdom only glimpsed before. I discovered that the magic of these realities has been hidden behind an array of unacknowledged and suppressed feelings. Now the power of my being is beginning to come through more fully.”

Michael Cecil, Canada


“What a gift to spread my wings and fly with you. I profoundly appreciate your support, encouragement and guidance to help me get free. Your ability to model risk taking with love and tenderness and blessed truth. I thank you with all my heart.”

Molly Doty, USA