12 month Heart Centred Living Mentoring Program

Enjoy Your Life Fully!




Hello and Welcome!

My name is Nicholas de Castella. I am delighted to invite you to join me for a year of deepening heart connection and spiritual growth so you can truly thrive in 2017.

The internet has now made it possible for us to stay connected and for me to continue to support you in living from your heart so you can be at your best, create a life you truly love and enjoy your life fully.

I have put together an exciting program where each month we will will explore a different aspect of heart Centred Living. Each month you will be invited to join me for a webinar to deepen your understanding of the heart quality we are focusing on. You will also receive a meditation o  that heart quality to practice each day and at the start of each week you will receive a short email prompt of practical things you can do to implement that heart quality into your day.

To start the program of you will receive an free pass to our 2017 by Design Day on January 31st – you can attend in person or online.

I am looking forward to sharing an awesome year with you.

Kind Regards,

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Nicholas de Castella
Director, Institute of Heart Intelligence

 THRIVE: Heart Centred Living Group Coaching


  • 11 x Monthly Heart Centred Living Webinars
  • 11 x Monthly Heart Centred Living Meditations
  • Weekly Heart Centred Living Prompts
  • 1 x Free Pass to any 1 day Thrive Training
  • 1 x 1:1 Clarity Session with a Thrive Coach
  • $500 discount to Passionately Alive
    (not to be used in conjunction with other offers)

Webinars are to be held on the first Thursday of the month at 8pm

Fees are $37/month (about a dollar a day).

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The Program:

  • January – New beginnings
    Enthusiasm         Follow your heart – Doing what you love to do / Goal setting
  • February – Valentines
    Love                           Compassion / empathy / love yourself / send love letter
  • March – Autumn Equinox 21
    Happiness                    Savouring the moment
  • April
    Ease                           Effortless Flow – Cycles of life
  • May
    Gratitude                   Appreciation and Reflection
  • June – Winter solstice – Financial end of year
    Wealth                        Generosity
  • July
    Spaciousness              Emptiness reflection
  • August
    Courage                      Keep on going
  • September – Spring flower    
    Openness                    Connection
  • October
    Gentleness                   Mercy / Forgiveness
  • November
    Peace                          Acceptance
  • December – Review 
    Trust / Grace               Acknowledge perfection – Bless life

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