Breathwork Seminar RoomIn the 25 years I have been training people how to open their heart, come alive and thrive I have met and made some amazing deep connections and friendships. I feel a heart connection with so many people that it is a big challenge to keep in touch with everyone. I regularly hear from people who have attended one of our workshops years ago and are still using what we teach to live a life that is way above and beyond where they would have been if they had not had the problem that brought them into a seminar in the first place. 

In my heart I feel very blessed to know so many wonderful people and have such a community of heart-centred friends around me and I love to stay in touch… 

So I thought I would send this email to update you on what has been happening around here – and it’s not just good, it is great! In fact we are booming along here at the moment. The heart-centred work is still becoming deeper, gentler, more profound and more beautiful. I am enjoying seeing the unfolding that is happening through me and am as inspired as ever.

So here is an update on what is happening… 


PA’s are regularly filling to the max for the first time ever – the last 3 PA’s have been fully booked out and the next 2 are also full – with waiting lists! In fact we have had to paint some cabins so we can fit more people in. If you would like to attend Passionately Alive May/June is full and there are a couple of spots left in July/August. Dates for the rest of the year are: July 31-August 3, October 2-5, November 27-30.

After our last Passionately Alive Jenny Ryan sent me this note: “Passionately Alive has changed my life, like a quantum shift to a new freedom” (You can read more here:


I have been traveling around Australia on a national tour with Beyond Success and have received very enthusiastic response to our Core Clearing Process.

The tour started in Sydney 2 weekends ago where close to 50% of the room booked into PA! In Melbourne this weekend and Brisbane next weekend.


Heart Centred Living is coming to Asia! We (Susan, myself and the 2 boys) have been invited to go (on an all expenses paid trip) to Singapore in April to present the Core Clearing Process and run a PA!!! So that is bound to be lots of fun – I will keep you posted as to how we go…


I have been upgrading the seminar space – it has now been plastered and painted, new carpet (with extra underlay for warmthJ) goes in on Thursday. New lighting and double doors (which open out to the bush behind the workshop) are to arrive next week also!

If you are coming to PA in April you may need to bring a paint brush – just kidding, we are planning on plush! Plush carpet and plush living!


A long-term dream of mine has been to make heart centred living available to people around the world – at an affordable rate. And yes, soon you will hear about the launch of an exciting Emotional Intelligence Program – EQ101. I have been putting it together for the last 2 years and it is really comprehensive. It is designed to assist you to move forward to the next level in your life with joy and ease: to give you the skills to boost your health, 
relationships, prosperity and happiness.  EQ101 has 5 modules: Emotional Literacy, Mindset, Presencing, Heart Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence in every day life. The program includes weekly video and audio presentations, articles to read and exercise to do.

So watch this space…


I have also been doing a lot of deep soul searching about my mission and purpose on Earth. I am feeling excited by it and I would like to share with you:

My vision is an open-hearted world where people live in peace and connection and spend their time and energy sharing, being creative and having fun.

My mission is to establish Passionately Alive Centres around the world – communities of people committed to finding and living their passion. To train facilitators in Emotional Healing and Empowerment.

My purpose is to heal shame (the split between head and heart) and bring more connection and Grace to Earth. I help people to open their heart, connect to their passion, find what they love and live it. I show people the way to release struggle and suffering and create success with joy and ease.

I assist people to clear their underlying emotional baggage that has stopped them from moving forward so they can experiencing greater health, engage deeply in relationships, have the courage to commence new adventures, create wealth, find inner peace, spiritual connection and happiness, live their life fully and be of service to others by expressing their unique gifts to help make the world a better place.


We are all fit, healthy and happy. Time is flying by and our boys are catching up to us! By the way Susan and I have both grown 2cm in the last year – according to the height chart on our kitchen wall – my guess it is the Yoga salutes to the sun in the mornings.

Susan has taken to climbing the ‘Thousand Steps’ in Belgrave on Friday mornings. If you are in Melbourne you are welcome to join her – just give us a call.

I am running most days through the Dandenong Forest – up to 1½ hours now. I am enjoying a great book: ‘Daring Greatly’ by Brene Brown if you’re looking for a great read, I recommend it.

Our boys are growing into delightful young men, fit and healthy: Charlie is now 12 years old – in grade 6, the big boy in the school. He has had to adjust on the Basketball court to being the big kid who shoots for goals and is starting to step up to it. Alexander is now 10, just got his grey wolf badge in Cubs – which is the highest award available, into collecting bugs and magic. Our 2 year old Kelpie ‘Jet’ is keeping me fit, Mintie the chocolate Burmese cat is making friends with Jet, the 2 guinea pigs are happy in their cage and the chook count stands at 2 this week.

That’s about it from me


For a while I have been meaning to send out a link to Pema Chrodons’ weekly quotes – I find her work inspiring and a great way to keep your heart intelligent consciousness growing. You can subscribe at:


I’d love to hear from you – please click reply and let me know what’s been going on in your world lately…

I look forward to sharing some heart space with you in 2014.

Big hug to you,


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