Community Building…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy friend Ron  sent me this little note last year after he helped out a friend in need – I think it raises some great seeds for thought…

“I have just got home. I have worked all day. My hands are scratched and sore, my legs are tired and my back hurts but gee I feel good.

I’ve been to a working bee to help someone who had their place burnt in a fire. There was a lot of us there. People I know and a lot I didn’t. 

We shared and laboured, laughed and swore, ate and put in again. there was a real sense of community. This is how the country got to where it is, through others helping others.

Working bees shouldn’t be just for when there is a disaster, they should be anytime (and every week by the way my heart feels right now).

The act of giving gives back more than was given.
Having been on the receiving end of that generosity, I know how special that feels as well.

So why can’t we do this anytime… We CAN. It only takes two people to have a working bee. You can get a group together and offer to help a friend, a neighbour or a complete stranger. Some one who is down, or getting behind or  who has had the rug pulled out from under them.

I can’t recommend it more highly for the relief of stress, loneliness, tiredness or as a general pick me up. Go out and get some, this weekend.”  Ron.

hazeldellThis is my turn to ask for some help and your chance to have some fun:

Would you like to lend me a hand to beautify our Heart Opening Space at Hazeldell?

These are fun and rewarding community building days where you can spend some time with me, make new heart centred friends, whilst putting some love into our workshop space and make a difference that lasts.

There will be something to do for everyone, from making tea (and serving scones, jam and cream) to doing a some painting or helping with some plastering.

Any time is greatly appreciated: come for an hour, a day or the weekend.

We will be there on Saturday and Sunday the 25th and 26 January.

Please click here email me if you would like to  join in the fun…

Much gratitude and blessings to you,


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One Response to Where is the Community?

  1. Roma Cunningham says:

    Hi Susan & Nicholas.
    Susan could you change the email address you have for me from yahoo to gmail.. my yahoo account is overloaded with spam. The gmail address guarantees I get your mail:

    I would love to come up and help you out at your community building working bee.
    If my son is at home to look after our dogs I’d love to bring a sleeping bag and spend a meaningful amount of time..
    Failing that I will get up for a few hours on either day.. probably Saturday .. maybe marching in the Australia day parade and singing in the Australia Day concert. I will have more of an idea later in the week. I don’t handle heat or crowds very well so a day spent with you is a lot more appealing.

    Bye for now

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